Updated Characteristics of National Constitutions Data Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the latest release of our Characteristics of National Constitutions data, updated through the end of 2020. This release marks a major update to our core dataset, which was last released in 2014.

Please visit our webpage to download the data files, which contain full coded data for more than 13,000 country-years in which a national constitution was in force. Along with the data files, the download also contains a codebook that describes the variables included in the data, the sample of constitutions, the coding procedures used to produce the data, the structure of the data, and the changes that we have introduced in this release.

For a quick glimpse into the variables included in the data, check out the full coding survey used to analyze the constitutions during coding. Users who enjoy exploring data visually might also visit our site Constitute and discover the prevalence of various constitutional topics over time and across regions with our interactive visualizations!

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