NCC Exhibit & Drafting Lab

NCC Constitute Exhibit

In early 2015, the CCP worked with the National Constitution Center to unveil a hands-on exhibition featuring Constitute and then, with Google Docs, a collaborative Drafting Lab. Created in 1988, the NCC is a non-partisan institution across from Independence Hall in Philadelphia that is dedicated to the U.S. Constitution. The Constitute exhibition allows museum visitors to view the U.S. Constitution and other national constitutions in comparative perspective. Visitors can freely explore Constitute on tablets located in the exhibition or, for a guided experience, they can follow the instructions provided at each station.

Museum and online visitors can also explore a new interactive feature developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project for the NCC called Constitutional Rights: Origins and Travels. Visitors can experience the origin and spread of the U.S. Bill of Rights on large touch-screens located throughout the museum. For those who cannot visit the museum in person, the interactive feature is also available online.

Finally, the NCC opened a physical collaboration space where school groups and other visitors can research and discuss constitutional ideas. Co-sponsored by Google Ideas, the Drafting Lab is equipped with the latest collaborative technologies, allowing participants to work together to draft constitutional content. Watch this video created by Google Docs to see the Drafting Lab in action!

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