Consulting Work

CCP co-director Tom Ginsburg meets with members of the Nepal Constituent Assembly, August 2014.

In an effort to leverage knowledge for real-world problems, we regularly work with drafters involved in constitution-making processes and those who support them. Our work has involved commenting on drafts, supplying data, and generating reports in contexts as diverse as Kenya, Libya, Nepal, and South Sudan, as these countries crafted new documents or amended existing constitutions.

We also prepare comparative reports on constitutional drafts, such as our review of Iceland’s 2012 draft constitution, and provide analysis of existing constitutional texts and histories, such as our report on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Norwegian constitution, our report on the endurance of the Netherlands Constitution, and our study of the anglo-Caribbean constitutions.

View the reports below or contact us to request consulting services or specialized analysis.


Netherlands (2015)
The Netherlands Constitution: Implications for Countries in Transition
Norway (2014)
Norway’s Enduring Constitution: Implications for Countries in Transition
Iceland (2012)
A Review of Iceland’s Draft Constitution
Caribbean (2011)
Constitutional Reform in the English-Speaking Caribbean: Challenges and Prospects