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July 27, 2018

Polish Senate scuttles constitutional referendum. On Wednesday, the Polish Senate sharply rebuked President Andrzej Duda by declining to send his proposed constitutional reforms to a non-binding referendum. The reforms would increase the power of the presidency, elevate Polish laws with respect to European Union laws, and enshrine Poland’s Christian heritage in the constitution.
Indian Supreme Court to decide if temples must accept women. While considering whether public temples can ban women from entering, judges on India’s Supreme Court observed last week that “a woman’s right to pray is equal to that of a man.” The court is specifically considering the constitutionality of the policies at the Sabarimala temple, where women between ages 10 and 50 have not been allowed to enter on the basis that they are fertile.
Ninth Circuit strikes Hawaii’s open carry ban. On Tuesday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that Hawaii’s ban on openly carrying handguns for self defense in public places violates the core of the Second Amendment. Many expect that the Supreme Court will eventually take up the issue.
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