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July 13, 2018

Indian Supreme Court considers constitutionality of gay sex ban. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of India began hearing a set of petitions challenging a colonial-era ban on gay sex. The court upheld the ban in 2013, but the judges’ comments at the recent hearing suggest that the court will strike the ban as unconstitutional.
Chilean court approves plastic bag ban. Last week, the Constitutional Tribunal of Chile ratified a nationwide ban on the use of plastic bags in business, quashing a challenge by the plastics industry. Most businesses will have six months to comply with the new law, while some small businesses will have a year.
German court rules Facebook accounts pass to heirs at death. Yesterday, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany ruled that, on death, a person’s Facebook account transfers to their heirs. The court compared the account’s data to a decedent’s diary or letters, which traditionally become part of an estate.
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