Constitute in Arabic & Spanish


Constitutional text can be uninviting and difficult to comprehend – even more so when it is not in one’s native language. With this in mind, the CCP partnered with International IDEA and Google Ideas to launch Arabic Constitute in 2014.

The site contains Arabic translations of 54 national constitutions, representing every region in the world. On Arabic Constitute some of the world’s most-cited texts are now available, and searchable, in the Arabic language for the first time. By providing this constitutional content along with Constitute‘s powerful analytical tools, we hope to make the process of constitutional drafting and analysis more accessible across the Arab world.

We then collaborated with the Center for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) to create and launch Constitute en español, to bring Constitute‘s unique tools more closely to users throughout the Spanish-speaking world. After all, a considerable number of constitutional revisions today are conducted in Spanish, the second most commonly used language in the world!

We previewed an early version of Constitute en español at Dejusticia’s intensive course on economic, social, and cultural rights in 2017. Watch the video from those sessions to hear from the participants!