28th Amendment Project


The 28th Amendment Project is an interactive activity hosted at the National Constitution Center‘s Google Drafting Lab. The lab opened in 2015 as a space for citizens and drafters to explore and evaluate the process of constitutional design. In the 28th Amendment Project, citizens participate in a brief exercise in which they engage in each stage of constitutional drafting: research, deliberation, and decision-making.

The participants’ assigned objective is to identify promising constitutional amendment ideas using Constitute. Through the exercise, many participants develop a deeper understanding of their constitution and the views of their fellow citizens.

Join Us!

If you will be in Philadelphia this summer, join us for lunch in the drafting lab to participate in the 28th Amendment Project! You will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the constitutions of other countries
  • Engage with your fellow citizens about different constitutional reform ideas
  • Learn first-hand how to draft a constitutional provision.

Sessions are currently scheduled at 12:00 pm on July 15th, 18th, and 19th, with more to come. All participants receive a free lunch and free general admission to the NCC. REGISTER NOW

Google Drafting Lab at the NCCMuseum visitors and volunteers participate in the 28th Amendment Project

For questions or comments, please contact us at moc.l1548119872iamg@1548119872tcejo1548119872rptne1548119872mdnem1548119872aht821548119872.