Sunlight Foundation Blog

Constitute Serves as Inspiration for New Open Data Project

The Sunlight Foundation has named Constitute as one of the inspirations behind their new Open Data Policies Decoded project, which seeks to connect policy solutions to the open data initiatives and public officials that need them. Read more about the project, and Read More


Podcast Series Explores the Constitute Project

The Connector - a podcast exploring the world of political science research and teaching at the University of Texas at Austin - has produced a three-part series about Constitute. Host Stuart Tendler sits down with CCP co-director Zachary Elkins and UT graduate Read More

28th Amendment Project

CCP to Host 28th Amendment Project at NCC

During the summer of 2016, the CCP will host the 28th Amendment Project in the Google Drafting Lab of the National Constitution Center. The 28th Amendment Project is an interactive exercise during which participants engage in each stage of constitutional drafting: Read More

Constitutional Rights to Education

5 Minute Guide: Constitutional Rights to Education

How many of the world's constitutions provide the right to a free education? How many establish compulsory education? Learn these facts and more with our 5 minute guide! Visit Constitute to dig even deeper into constitutional provisions on free education, Read More