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Relationship between characteristics data and chronology

Relationship between characteristics data and chronology

Phase I: Chronology

NEW! Chronology of Constitutional Events, Version 1.3
(updated through 2019)

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Phase II: Texts

Although we have gathered the texts for nearly every constitutional event since 1789, only a small percentage of these are not under copyright restrictions. However, nearly all of the world’s currently actively constitutions are available on our site Constitute.

Phase III: Characteristics

NEW! Characteristics of National Constitutions, Version 3.0

Suggested Citation: Elkins, Zachary and Tom Ginsburg. 2021 “Characteristics of National Constitutions, Version 3.0.” Comparative Constitutions Project. Last modified: May 20, 2021. Available at

Old Versions

Replication Information

This section contains instructions and data to replicate some of the research performed using data from the Comparative Constitutions Project. If the CCP replication data you are looking for is not available on this page, please contact us to request the data. For other replication materials not available on this website (i.e. instructions, software code, or non-CCP data), you will have to contact the author(s) directly.