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September 8, 2017

Togo plans to reintroduce presidential term limits. On Tuesday, the Togolese government announced that it will propose a bill to reintroduce presidential term limits in the country’s constitution. The move is an apparent concession by the government following weeks of protests against the presidency of Faure Gnassingbé, but some protesters argue that it is merely a ploy to extend Gnassingbé’s tenure.
EU court rules member states must accept refugees. On Wednesday, the European Court of Justice ruled that European Union member states may not opt out of accepting refugees, dismissing complaints by Slovakia and Hungary against the EU’s mandatory refugee relocation scheme. Nations that refuse to accept EU-established quotas of refugees could face large fines.
Indonesian judge sentenced for corruption. On Monday, Indonesia’s corruption court sentenced Patrialis Akbar, a former Constitutional Court judge, to eight years in prison. The second such judge to be convicted of corruption in recent years, Akbar was found guilty of accepting bribes from entities who would be affected by his rulings.
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