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February 9, 2018

Ecuador votes to reinstate term limits. On Sunday, the people of Ecuador voted 2-1 to reinstate presidential term limits, which had been eliminated from the constitution via a  2015 amendment pushed through by then-president Rafael Correa. The reinstated provision caps presidents at two terms and prevents Correa from seeking a fourth term.
SCOTUS lets Pennsylvania redistricting order stand. On Monday, the United States Supreme Court declined to stay a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling which holds that the state’s congressional map is so politically biased that it violates the state’s constitutional guarantee of “free and equal” elections. If the legislature and governor do not provide an acceptable map by next week, the court will draw one.
Bermuda annuls same-sex marriage rights. On Wednesday, the governor of Bermuda signed legislation that reverses a 2017 supreme court decision which had authorized same-sex marriage. Bermuda is the only country to approve and then revoke same-sex marriage rights.
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