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February 2, 2018

Romanian court strikes parts of controversial judicial reform. On Tuesday, the Constitutional Court of Romania held that a set of reforms which constrain the country’s anti-corruption investigative body were unconstitutionally vague. The reforms would have allowed state action against prosecutors and judges accused of “judicial error emanating from bad faith or serious negligence,” terms the court said needed clarification.
Malaysian court rules both parents’ consent needed to convert children. On Monday, the Federal Court of Malaysia ruled that the country’s constitution establishes that both parents must consent to a child’s religious conversion. The case, which sparked tensions over the role and power of Islamic courts, also establishes that civil courts have jurisdiction over religious matters.
Kenyan government violates court order, refuses to air news channels. The Kenyan government is blocking several large television news stations from airing, in violation of a High Court order. The news stations intend to broadcast an inauguration ceremony for opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has declared himself president despite losing last year’s election.
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