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December 29, 2017

South African court orders parliament to create impeachment mechanisms. The Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled today that parliament must specify rules and mechanisms for its presidential impeachment proceedings. The court held that the procedures used during an unsuccessful attempt to impeach President Jacob Zuma, who was accused of unconstitutionally using state funds to upgrade his private residence, were insufficient to hold the president accountable.
Indian court protects mothers from employment discrimination. Last Wednesday, the High Court of Kerala ruled that employers may not fire women for missing work to attend to compelling circumstances associated with motherhood. The court ruled that forcing a woman to choose between motherhood and employment violates her fundamental dignity.
Turkish government grants immunity to civilians who acted against coup attempt. On Sunday, the Turkish government published a decree granting immunity to civilians who committed acts of violence in defense of the state during the 2016 failed coup. The decree also grants immunity to anyone who acts against "continuations" of the coup.
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