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August 25, 2017

Venezuelan Constituent Assembly assumes broad powers. Last Friday, Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly assumed legislative power, usurping lawmaking authority from the opposition-led congress. The move comes after the Constituent Assembly last Wednesday created a “truth commission” tasked with determining whether any gubernatorial candidates have been involved in protests against the government.
Indian Supreme Court elevates privacy protections, bans triple talaq. Yesterday, in an opinion that exceeded 500 pages and drew on John Stuart Mill and James Madison, the Supreme Court of India ruled that privacy is a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution. On Tuesday, the court ruled that the practice of triple talaq – by which Muslim men may instantly divorce their wives – is unconstitutional.
Nepal Parliament rejects Madhesi-backed constitutional amendments. On Monday, a set of constitutional amendments aimed at ensuring greater Madhes representation in government failed to get a two-thirds majority in Nepal’s parliament. Before the vote, Madhesi parties indicated they would participate in upcoming local elections regardless of the outcome.
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