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August 11, 2017

Chicago sues Trump administration for restricting funding to sanctuary cities. On Monday, the City of Chicago sued the Trump administration for placing conditions on police equipment grants which require the city to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. Chicago is arguing that the administration is unconstitutionally commandeering Illinois’s sovereignty and violating the principle of separation of powers.
Liberian justices stay their own impeachment proceedings. Last Thursday, members of Liberia’s legislature petitioned to impeach several Supreme Court justices for issuing rulings that, according to the lawmakers, usurp legislative authority. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court stayed the impeachment proceedings, arguing that the Liberian Constitution establishes that justices do not have to answer for their rulings.
Zuma survives no-confidence vote. On Tuesday, the South African Parliament voted for a sixth time not to remove President Jacob Zuma, with 177 MPs in favor of removal, 198 against, and 9 abstentions; 201 votes were needed for removal. National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete held the vote in secret, and at least 40 members of Zuma’s ANC party voted for removal.
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